300 tons of highly toxic water leak from tank at Fukushima plant

Sakurajima volcano erupts for 500th time this year

Western Japan city logs highest temperature at 41 C
TOKYO, Aug. 12, Kyodo
A western Japan city marked the highest temperature on record in the country at 41.0 C on Monday as a heat wave continues to engulf wide areas of Japan, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

Todai, Kyoto U. to offer free online courses
Yomiuri -- Aug 10

U.S. envoy Roos
Outgoing U.S. Ambassador to Japan John Roos waves to people seeing him off at Narita airport near Tokyo on Aug. 12, 2013.2013/08/10


Kanebo finds 1,641 more skin-whitening cosmetic users with blotches

Film director Stone dismisses U.S. A-bomb claim as 'tremendous lie'
Japan Times -- Aug 09
American film director Oliver Stone has challenged the commonly held U.S. perception that the 1945 atomic bombing of Japan ended World War II - saving a huge number of American lives in the process - as "a tremendous lie" during his visit to Hiroshima through Wednesday.
"It's easy to look at the issue simply that Americans dropped the bomb to end World War II because Japanese militarists would not give up . . . (but) that would be the surface explanation," Stone, 66, said as part of his Japan trip to attend a series of peace events commemorating the 68th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
"But those people who looked deeper will find out there is a much more cynical explanation," he said, noting the Soviet Union's war on Japan, begun on Aug. 9, was "a strong factor" behind Tokyo's surrender six days later.

Okinawa dump site may be proof of Agent Orange: experts
Dioxin spike raises fears of local health risks
The recent discovery of 22 barrels buried on former U.S. military land in the city of Okinawa could be posing the same level of risks to local residents as dioxin hot spots in Vietnam where the American military stored toxic defoliants during the 1960s and 1970s, according to two leading Agent Orange specialists.

Thai king leaves hospital.

Matsui formally retires as Yankee during ceremony at Yankee Stadium

Japan Post, Aflac air accord

Suzuki to build Indonesia car plant
Suzuki Motor Corp. will spend about ¥60 billion to build a car plant in Indonesia sometime next year, it was learned Sunday.
The new plant will produce a 1,000cc model based on its mainstay Wagon R minivehicle, sources said.

Nagoya commuters get their cycle on
Nagoya is seeing a growing number of “tsukinists,” a term coined for those who commute to work by bicycle, pointing to the public’s higher awareness of environmental and personal health issues.

Caroline Kennedy nominated as U.S. ambassador to Japan

Municipalities not issuing non-Japanese disaster guides

Japanese women, at 86, live longest in world.

 It'a boy for Kate and William.  Buckingham Palace, We could not be happier.

Obama Nominates Caroline Kennedy to Be Ambassador to Japan
Published: July 24, 2013  nyt

 Downloaded Window Teleport  for dual display.

LDP  won big in Upper House election

How Microsoft spent a decade asleep on the job
Good article! Ballmer is a fool who should have stepped down years ago. Yet, somehow, he clings on to power. Failure after failure, that fool is still in charge.

* Attached a sub monitor attached  to my laptop.
plus one (LCD-10000U2), 10 inch   Century. \18000.  Sofmap
Toshiba Dynabook: PT55258GBHK

* Exchange meeting of tourism and economic development projects in Kawagoe Area
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